Ben Allgood, Product + Customer Success


Everything that touches the user is the product. It's supposed to be fun and exceed what was previously thought possible through simplicity and perfect details.

Design Everything

The design isn't just how it looks - it's everything. It's how it feels, ages, scales, works, updates, changes, and even the places most never see.

Iterate Perfect

Chase perfection and we'll catch it. Releases and MVP's don't have to feel incomplete- they can be focused and perfect.

Full-stack Humanist

Get the coffee, design a journey, code something, release a product, create KPI's, build a team, grow a company. Do it again, do it better, and teach someone.


I've worked with amazing people and projects like Pinterest, Wizards of the Coast, The Hunger Games, Panasonic, The City of LA, Smashing Pumpkins, and DreamWorks Animation.


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